Testimonials from customer that use our online payment software

Web Payment Software™ has been in service since 2003 and has been embraced as an effective online payment solution for many satisfied customers. Below you will find testimonials from customers who accept payments online with Web Payment Software™.

AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society, ARIAS·U.S.

ARIAS·U.S. has been using Web Payment Software™ for the past eight years, I would like to take the opportunity to make a comment about it.

With the number of different events and payment needs that we have online at any one time varying from one to five, the availability of this good basic system has been highly valued. We have been able to quickly set up and activate a new segment each time a new payment need occurred. The system has been totally reliable, easy to adjust, and convenient for downloading the latest data 24/7.

William H. Yankus
Executive Director

Electronic Music Foundation

Mountain Media's Web Payment Software™ is secure, foolproof, quick and easy to use, cost effective, flexible, and in general excellent for accepting online donations.

Joel Chadabe

Empire State Report Magazine

As you know, we just concluded our biotechnology conference at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, which was highlighted by Governor Pataki's keynote address.

Drawing a significant audience from around the state to Albany for a topic that had a somewhat narrow appeal was a challenge. We struggled with mailings, faxes, and emails of pdfs of the brochure to try to get the information out to those who needed it. Many people had trouble receiving or dealing with pdfs. We were burdened by the time-consuming processes of faxing information out and receiving registrations back by fax.

We turned to you late (three weeks before the conference), but you responded immediately, putting up full information from the brochure and setting us up with an online credit card registration system.

The response was immediate. After we emailed reminders to our entire email list, giving the web address, the orders started to flow in. When phone calls came in for information, we were able to direct them to the web site. We were freed up from dealing with faxes and data entry, and were able to gear up for putting on the conference itself.

The total success we experienced (200 attendees) was to a great degree a result of your fast work and cooperative spirit. We are extremely grateful for the work you did. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Mountain Media.

Conference Director

Motorcycle Helmets and Jackets

Web Payment Software has work as a solid gateway for our ecommerce Website. The virtual terminal has also been a great tool for sell our Motorcycle Jackets and Helmets and processing phone orders.