Event Registration Comparison

Use our online event registration comparison tool below before choosing a registration platform and you will quickly see how Web Payment Software (WPS) can save thousands and upwards of 200% or more on your event registration costs.

WPS is a payment gateway with features that work great for taking event registration payments online. We charge a small monthly fee of $15.99 and an all-inclusive variable processing rate that ranges from less than 2% up to 2.7%. Competitors like charge $3.95—$4.95 per registrant plus processing fees of 4.95%. No matter how you slice it, our lightweight solution crushes the competition.

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Web Payment Software™ vs. the competition

  Web Payment Software Eventbrite Regonline SignMeUp rsvpBOOK
Setup Costs $49 $0 $0 $0 $206.95
Transaction Costs Variable Rate1 1.97%—2.7%
2.5% of ticket value, $0.99 per registration, plus 3% per transaction for credit card processing 4.95% of transaction and $3.95 per registrant 6.5% of transaction and $1.00 per registrant 6.55% of transaction and $1.50 per registrant
Monthly Costs $15.99 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total Costs2
% of Revenue3
Web Payment Software Saves You4
Average Ticket Amount
Number of Attendees
Number of Transactions