Payment Gateway for Magento

Web Payment Software is fully compatible with Magento Enterprise, Magento Professional and Magento Community Edition. We handle the whole process, including setting up your merchant account and supplying you with the merchant key to plug into your Magento store. No technical expertise is needed to setup Web Payment Software payment gateway on your Magento site.


  • Quick set up for your Magento payment gateway
  • Flexible open-source software
  • Affordable payment solution
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Magento Gateway Setup Steps

1. Fill out our simple online application.
2. Work with our merchant banking partner to get your merchant account set (usually same day approval).
3. We receive your new account information from the bank in about 3 days and set up your payment gateway account.
4. We provide you with access to your gateway account and give you the merchant key to plug into Magento.

The whole process typically take about 4 days. For more information about Web Payment Software pricing, click here.

Other Benefits of Web Payment Software