Trusted Merchant Seal

WPS Trusted Merchant SealDisplaying the Web Payment Software™ Trusted Merchant Seal on your website will add to your company's trust-factor and instill a sense of confidence in your customers. Building trust and confidence in your site visitors will help improve your conversion rates.

If your customer clicks on the Trusted Merchant Seal, a small window will pop-up that lets them know your website is associated with a valid payment account on Web Payment Software™.


The Benefits of the WPS Trusted Merchant Seal

  • Helps build trust and confidence in your shoppers
  • Helps to improve your conversion rates

Adding The Trusted Merchant Seal To Your Website Is Easy

Simply copy a snippet of HTML code generated by Web Payment Software™ and paste it into the footer of your website. You can find the code snippet in the WPS administrative tools.

Start accepting these forms of payment today!   Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Online Check